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Innovative Interventions

Mission & Vision

We believe that children thrive in an environment which promotes the acquisition of early learning skills by building on each child's strengths and uniqueness.  By engaging each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, our therapists provide each child with the opportunity to develop  new abilities.

The vision of our agency is to create a partnership between our therapists and families that enhances and empowers each family's ability to encourage their child's social, emotional, creative and intellectual skills that will influence a love of lifelong learning.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Speech & Language Services

SLP's focus on the development of a child’s speech, language, and functional communication skills.  Building upon your child’s communication strengths, the SLP helps the family understand the ways that their child communicates and coaches the family as to the best way to encourage language. Children learn to use language in daily routines to become successful communicators creating greater opportunities for social exchanges with other children and adults.

Physical Therapy Services

Mastering motor skills are essential to growth and independence for your child.  Our Physical Therapists work on gross motor skills from the most basic skills of head control, sitting and crawling, to more advanced walking patterns, strength, balance and coordination.  These abilities are all achieved through functional play and the PT’s modeling of these activities for families to incorporate therapeutic play into their family daily routines. 

Occupational Therapy Services

Early childhood is a time for play and emerging independence in self-care. Occupational therapists use carefully developed therapeutic activities to develop fine motor, perceptual and cognitive skills in young children.  Work focuses on a child’s skills that affect their ability to manipulate objects around them during play, as well as adaptive skills in their environment.  Occupational Therapists are uniquely qualified to adapting activities to provide opportunities for success.

Quality and Comprehensive Services

Our Early Intervention Services

Developmental Intervention Services

Developmental Intervention services are a special and unique service only found in the Early Intervention System.  Developmental Interventionists are special educators who work with your child on the building blocks of development, this encompasses all areas of child development.  From promoting Communication and Socialization to motor skills, along with encouraging play and imagination, our Special Educators provide a strong foundation to build upon for learning.

Social Work Services

There may be times when your child’s medical or developmental needs can challenge a family’s resources.  When this happens, a Social Worker can assist families in navigating through the network of Healthcare, Medical and Financial systems.  These clinicians provide support and guidance as a child moves through the process of Early Intervention.

Curriculum Based Services for Spectrum & Behavioral Disorders

Curriculum Based Service is an evidence-based methodology that focuses on each child’s unique needs by creating an individualized Program.  Used mainly with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or similar disorders, these Programs address a child’s behavioral challenges and distinct learning style.  The therapist(s) track data of a child’s progress and provides instruction to the family on carrying out these therapeutic program strategies. 



If you are concerned with your child’s development and would like to have your child evaluated, please call the New Jersey statewide toll-free referral number at 1-888-653-4463.

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