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Resources for Families

Diverse Kindergarten

The Innovative Intervention team wants your family and your child to have the best experience possible in Early Intervention.  We have put together some information to help you do so, so your child gets the most out of their Early Intervention services. 


  • The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is created by your Evaluators, Service Coordinator and you. The IFSP is a roadmap to improving your child’s individual needs and skills. The IFSP is flexible and will change as your child’s needs change.


  • Your involvement in the team decision making at IFSP meetings is one of the most important contributions you can make to creating a plan that is right for your child.


  • Just as important is working with your therapist(s) to incorporate all the strategies and activities that they perform during a session, through out your week with your child. YOU and your family are the greatest agents of change for your child, and the carryover of what you’ve learned is invaluable.

  1. Make sure to arrange services during times that allow your participation in sessions.

  2. Ask your therapist questions, they are there to work with you as well as your child.

  3. Keep notes on how your child is progressing, meeting milestones and questions you may have for your therapist for the following sessions.

  4. Creating an open dialog with your therapist and our agency is essential to a great team. 

  5. Remember, our agency is always available to discuss your issues and concerns to ensure smooth progress with your child and team.  We are here to support you!


  • Your child’s IFSP will be reviewed every 6 months at least. The IFSP is flexible and will change as your child’s needs change. Therefore, you may meet more frequently with your Service Coordinator and therapists to review your IFSP to make those changes.


  • Finally, as your child nears the age of 3, your Service Coordinator and therapist will work with you to create an uninterrupted transition to Preschool or create a plan to ensure that your child will continue to flourish after Early Intervention.


We look forward to working with you and your child!

Documents for familes

Available for Download

Family Rights in Early Interventions

Family/Practitioner Illness Policy

Holiday Calendar

NJEIS Reschedule, Make-Up & Compensatory Service Policy

CDC Developmental Milestone

Family Welcome Packet

Online Resources for Families - "The Family Matters" Website

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